DataStax Enterprise 6.8 is the scale-out NoSQL database for enterprises that need to handle any workload in any cloud

Built on Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise adds operational reliability, monitoring and security layer hardened by the largest internet apps and the Fortune 100. New in DataStax Enterprise 6.8:

Kubernetes operator - Cloud-native Cassandra workloads for production use.
Faster scale-out - Node addition and removal is 4x faster
Graph Engine - Graph data models implemented as native Cassandra
Incremental NodeSync -eliminates manual effort to run repair operations
✓  Guardrails - trip-wires in Cassandra that warn or block known anti-patterns
✓  DSE Desktop - Development environment to provision Cassandra and DSE in minutes

Download DSE to set up your next great application. When you’re ready to go into production, simply activate your instance with a DataStax license.