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DataStax Astra is a zero ops database as a service solution for Cassandra. For a custom crafted zero downtime migration plan and cost estimate tell us a bit about your workload.

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"Astra is hands-down the best solution for Cassandra developer productivity. It eliminates all of the overhead involved in setting up Cassandra. With Astra, developers can fully automate their CI/CD pipelines for Cassandra support. This means they can concentrate on more important tasks."

Robert Reeves

CTO of Datical

"At a time when data limits are being tested, every business needs to be a digital business. That means your infrastructure needs to be solid," says Dipak Chandan, senior engineering manager at Venmo. "We already use Cassandra for the reliability and resilience to handle big workloads with zero downtime. The promise of Astra is a true Cassandra-as-a-Service with no-ops. This will help developers work more efficiently so they can spend more time innovating."

Dipak Chandan

Senior Engineering Manager at Venmo

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