How to Achieve High Throughput for Real-Time Applications with SMACK, Apache Kafka and Spark Streaming

Duration: 30 minutes

Learn how to achieve high throughput processing for real-time applications using SMACK, Apache Kafka and Spark Streaming. Customers today expect immediate response times with their daily interactions - whether it’s conducting a search for a product, using a service, placing an order, or asking a question - it doesn’t matter. Making your customers wait results in lost sales and increased churn. Developing a real-time application that can provide the instantaneous response times that your customers expect is critical for a competitive advantage.

In this on-demand webinar, you will:
Learn how to estimate the size of your data pipeline
Learn its impact on the overall architecture of your application
Understand the five most important considerations when developing a data pipeline

Speaker Bio: Ryan Knight, Enterprise Solution Engineer, DataStax
Ryan Knight is a senior technologist with over 15 years of experience in designing and building large scale, distributed applications. As an Enterprise Solution Engineer at DataStax, he has extensive expertise in building data pipelines using Spark, Spark Streaming and Cassandra using DataStax Enterprise at Fortune 500 companies. Ryan has been a speaker at conferences such QCon SP, JavaOne, Devoxx, Scala Days and meetups around the world.

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