If the future of business is “right now”, so is the future of data management.

Kartavya Jain, Product Marketing Manager, DataStax

When you think of cloud applications you inevitably think of data, and not just data but massively distributed data coming in from all directions and sources and putting your most advanced data management technology to the test.

In the “right-now” economy, where a nanosecond of dissatisfaction can make a customer churn and a moment of downtime can lead to catastrophic revenue loss, you need your data management platform to be always on, always there for you, and always producing results.

Easier said than done, right?

Maybe not.

The first step is knowing what a data platform needs to be able to work effectively in the age of cloud applications. Join Kartavya Jain, Product Marketing Manager at DataStax, for a look into the five unique but equally important ingredients of data management in the right-now economy.

Speaker Bio:
Kartavya Jain is a Product Marketing Manager at DataStax. He has over six years of global experience in product marketing, digital marketing, and solution marketing in enterprise software companies. Prior to joining DataStax, Jain led the marketing team at DataTorrent, driving its product and digital marketing functions. He is passionate about technology and is a hands-on marketing professional who believes in delivering value through results-driven, content-rich marketing to customers and sales teams.

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