Webinar: Don’t reinvent the Big Data wheel: Using the open-source Kiji Project to build a personalization application on Cassandra | DataStax
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  • Title: Don’t reinvent the Big Data wheel: Using the open-source Kiji Project to build a personalization application on Cassandra
  • Date: September 4th, 2014
  • Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 16:00 GMT
  • Duration: One hour
  • Experience Needed to Understand Talk: Basic understanding of Apache Cassandra with minimal experience using the software
  • Details: Cassandra’s scalability and high availability make it a natural choice for building big data applications such as product recommenders, personalized search engines, and fraud detectors. The open-source Kiji Project was created to help developers build any needed additional functionality, and is used in production at companies like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Opower.

    Kiji is an open-source, modular platform that gives developers a head start with real-time big data applications on Cassandra. Created by engineers with experience building personalized applications at companies like Google, Cloudera, and Amazon, Kiji includes modules for capturing data, analyzing data, training machine-learning models, and applying these models in real time.

    This talk provides an overview of a typical big data application and discusses how Kiji helps to implement such applications. You'll also hear how Kiji serves personalized product recommendations in production at Neiman Marcus, plus you'll get details about how we implemented Kiji’s data layer on top of Cassandra using the Java driver and CQL3 and how we integrate Cassandra with Hadoop.

  • Speakers: Clint Kelly, Member of Technical Staff at WibiData

    Clint Kelly is a Member of the Technical Staff at WibiData, where he works to integrate the Kiji Project and Apache Cassandra. Prior to joining WibiData, Clint worked in the semiconductor industry for eight years.

    Patrick McFadin, Chief Evangelist at DataStax

    Prior to working for DataStax, Patrick was the Chief Architect at Hobsons, an education services company. His responsibilities included ensuring product availability and scaling for all higher education products. Prior to this position, he was the Director of Engineering at Hobsons which he came to after they acquired his company, Link-11 Systems, a software services company. While at Link-11 Systems, he built the first widely popular CRM system for universities, Connect. He obtained a BS in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and holds the distinction of being the only recipient of a medal (as anyone can find out) for hacking while serving in the US Navy.

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