Webinar: ‘Secret Sauce’: How Allied Payment Innovates with DataStax Enterprise | DataStax
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  • Title: ‘Secret Sauce’: How Allied Payment Innovates with DataStax Enterprise
  • Date: November 20th
  • Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 17:00 GMT
  • Duration: One hour
  • Details: Allied Payment Network is a visionary and innovative company that applies emerging bill pay technologies for the financial industry and its customers. The company makes the bill paying process easier and more convenient for the consumer, and more efficient and cost effective for financial institutions.

    Faced with “ridiculous scale” a year and a half ago, the IT team at Allied Payment Network knew they needed an alternative to the legacy database system that was locking up much too frequently. They also needed a better way to increase application response times, manage multiple availability zones, and take advantage of the fact that “space is cheap.” Innovators of PicturePay and other cutting edge solutions, Allied Payment turned to DataStax Enterprise, powered by Apache Cassandra™.

    Join us for this webinar, where you will learn about Allied Payment’s

    1.    “Painless migration” from Microsoft SQL Server, accomplished after they were in production
    2.    Discovery of the “paradigm-shifting” query-first data model
    3.    Use of DataStax’s OpsCenter to easily manage the database layer of their application
    4.    Experience of 100x faster response times since deploying on DataStax Enterprise

    You need to find the best database for today’s online applications, and you need to know which one to consider first so you don’t waste valuable time. Allied Payment is a great example of how to get it right: proactively grow your business using the right technology.

  • Speakers:

    Brian Rumschlag, Systems Architect at Allied Payment Network

    A 15-year industry veteran, Brian “grew up side by side with a PC” and has seen many changes, as he puts it: “From Access to dBase III, to SQL Server and Oracle, and now to Cassandra. You have to have some paradigm-shift every couple of years.”.

    Kami Nixon, Product Team at DataStax

    Kami Nixon is on the Product team for DataStax. She comes to big data from the relational world, having handled product marketing for ER/Studio, Embarcadero's relational data modeling tool. A former newspaper reporter, Kami writes frequently about how today's data is transforming the way modern businesses interact with their customers.