C*ollege Credit Webinar Series

Keep the DB Lose the A

Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013
Time: 11AM PT / 2 PM ET
Duration: 1 hour


Christos Kalantzis, Engineering Manager of Cloud Persistence Engineering at Netflix, will talk about his transition from a database administrator to a database engineer working with cutting edge big data technology. He will provide expertise and insight into how he learned about new technologies and the use cases he now gets to work on. 

About the Speaker:

Christos KalantzisChristos Kalantzis (@chriskalan), Engineering Manager at Netflix

"A Tech enthusiast at heart, I try to focus my efforts in creating technology that enhances our lives. This is achieved by using resources more efficiently and reducing complexity.

I have lead teams at YouSendIt and Netflix using this philosophy, which has lead to the scaling out of persistence layers, the creation of a cloud file system and the adoption of Apache Cassandra as a scalable and highly available data solution."

About C*ollege Credit

This webinar is part of C*ollege Credit, the bi-weekly educational webinar series for all things Apache Cassandra™ (C*) related. Each webinar features an MVP or member from the community that has hands-on experience building the next generation of applications on Apache Cassandra. The series is designed to provide a baseline of education across an array of topics from ‘what is NoSQL’ to ‘how to scale out Apache Cassandra across multiple datacenters'. Sign up for topics that you are interested in, or attend the whole series; it’s free!

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