Webinar: Aaron and Patrick on Designing a Cassandra Solution | DataStax
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  • Title: Aaron and Patrick on Designing a Cassandra Solution
  • Date: May 15th, 2014
  • Time: 11am PT / 2pm ET / 19:00 GMT
  • Duration: One hour
  • Details: It’s time to test the old saying, “Are two heads better than one?”

    Aaron Morton (Principle Consultant and The Last Pickle) and Patrick McFadin (Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra at DataStax) will collaborate together, and with the audience, to design a Cassandra system. The task is to design a Photo Sharing site that stores meta data and images in Cassandra using a globally distributed, multi data center cluster. Aaron and Patrick will cover issues such as data modelling, consistency tradeoffs, deployment, availability, testing and operations.

    But that’s not all. We are asking for you to suggest features or requirements you think the application should have. We’ll do our best to include them in the design, and answer questions about them, and anything else, on the day.

    Submit your questions here.

  • Speakers: Aaron Morton, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle

    Aaron Morton is Co-Founder & Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle based in New Zealand, and a Committer on the Apache Cassandra project. In 2010, he gave up the RDBMS world for the scale and reliability of Cassandra. He now spends his time advancing the Cassandra project and helping others get the best out of it.

    Patrick McFadin, Chief Evangelist at DataStax

    Prior to working for DataStax, Patrick was the Chief Architect at Hobsons, an education services company. His responsibilities included ensuring product availability and scaling for all higher education products. Prior to this position, he was the Director of Engineering at Hobsons which he came to after they acquired his company, Link-11 Systems, a software services company. While at Link-11 Systems, he built the first widely popular CRM system for universities, Connect. He obtained a BS in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and holds the distinction of being the only recipient of a medal (as anyone can find out) for hacking while serving in the US Navy.