Webinar: 15 Commandments for Cassandra DBAs | DataStax
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  • Title: 15 Commandments for Cassandra DBAs
  • Date: January 30th, 2014
  • Time: 9am PT / 12pm ET / 17:00 GMT
  • Duration: One hour
  • Details: Are you a database professional looking for that next career boost? Maybe you are already using Cassandra and would like an edge in your job. Rachel and Patrick have been doing this for a long time and they can help! We’ll be going over some hard, fast rules that will save you time and trouble. Let our experience be your insider information. As a preview, here is commandment 0: Thou shalt watch!

  • Speakers: Patrick McFadin, Chief Evangelist at DataStax

    Prior to working for DataStax, Patrick was the Chief Architect at Hobsons, an education services company. His responsibilities included ensuring product availability and scaling for all higher education products. Prior to this position, he was the Director of Engineering at Hobsons which he came to after they acquired his company, Link-11 Systems, a software services company. While at Link-11 Systems, he built the first widely popular CRM system for universities, Connect. He obtained a BS in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and holds the distinction of being the only recipient of a medal (as anyone can find out) for hacking while serving in the US Navy.

  • Rachel Pedreschi, Senior Solutions Engineer at DataStax

    Rachel is Solutions Technology Lead at DataStax. A "Big Data Geek-ette," Rachel is no stranger to the world of high performance databases and data warehouses. She is a Vertica, Informix and Redbrick certified DBA on top of her work with Cassandra and has more than 15 years of business intelligence and ETL tool experience. Rachel has an MBA from San Francisco State University and a BA in Mathematics from University of California, Santa Cruz. She loves collecting new interesting experiences, including being on a game show when she was a kid, floating down underground rivers in an inner tube, and scuba diving with lemon sharks. Her current new experience is juggling a 1-year old, 4-year old and 14-year old and trying to stay sane.



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