Why You Need A Graph Database to Understand Your Customers

Duration: 1 hour

Companies across a variety of industries are trying to attain a holistic view of their customers.  From creating a more personalized experience, to creating more timely and relevant support, to simply marketing to them more efficiently and effectively, there are tremendous gains to be had with a 360-degree view.

However, achieving this 360-degree view requires serious data or more accurately, serious crunching and analyzing of data to understand customer relationships across every touchpoint and multiple business units.

Sound challenging?

It was. Until graph databases.

Traditional data stores and algorithms can’t handle interactions across multiple touch points in real-time these days your customers will not wait for your batch job to complete.  However, new graph technologies provide unique benefits for getting that all-important Customer 360 view.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

Leverage a graph database to support your customer 360 project.
Manage customers through multiple channels and gather a complete timeline of their interactions.
Identify actionable user behavior patterns.

Creating a real-time, comprehensive, 360-degree view of your customers can be extremely difficult, but not if you’re using graph.

Speaker Bios:

Mike Downie, Senior Developer, Expero
After completing his degree in Computer Science, Mike continued to work for a software consulting company, helping them to grow from 4 employees to more than 60 over the course of a decade.  He gained expertise through success on a diverse set of projects.  Project work included data acquisition and control, database applications and user interface design.  During this period Mike also built software teams, studying software project management,estimation, requirements gathering, application lifecycle management and learning to effectively mentor junior developers.  Mike’s most recent work includes database design and front-end development for enterprise resource planning systems.  He continues to look for difficult problems needing great solutions.

Gehrig Kunz, Product Marketing Specialist
Gehrig's roles the past several years at DataStax have covered a range of topics including fostering its open source community, market research, use case analysis, journey mapping, and messaging.  He's worked in domains from business intelligence to distributed database systems as well as stints at Walt Disney; and Jaspersoft, acquired by TIBCO.  Gehrig is passionate about Game of Thrones and helping others learn how to build and scale cloud applications.  Gehrig earned a BSBA from the University of Arizona.

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