Stay ahead of the fast moving threat of fraud with graph technology

9 of the top 15 global banks use DataStax, and now we want to share expertise on how banks can leverage modern data management solution for significantly enhanced fraud identification and prevention method.
Duration: 1 hour

Scott Heath, Chief Revenue Officer, Expero
Jie Wu, Director Product Marketing, DataStax

Financial services organizations are having to deal with highly complex fraud rings today. Fraudsters are spreading their activities across a large number of transactions and geographical regions in a more coordinated fashion, making traditional anomaly identification methods nearly obsolete.

Real-time graph database allows you to go beyond individual data points to uncover subtle patterns in customer behaviors and relationships. These granular insights allow companies to quickly identify atypical patterns and respond immediately to significantly minimize the impact of fraud on both the customer and the organization.

Watch this webinar for a discussion on how to use real-time graph database to effectively detect fraud and reduce risk in real time.

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