The Performance Challenge: Providing an Amazing Customer Experience No Matter What

Duration: 1 hour

Did you know that Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales? Or that Google found an extra .5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%?

Building and managing cloud applications is not easy. Delivering one with an amazing customer experience is even harder.

Every day, DataStax Enterprise helps customers overcome challenges with agility, manageability, performance, scalability, continuous availability and security to achieve the scale, performance, and uptime required by their cloud applications.

This is the second in our series of webinars where we will deep dive into these exact challenges. Join us for our session on “The Performance Challenge: Providing an Amazing Customer Experience No Matter What” where we will discuss:

Why data locality matters
How to provide the same experience no matter where your customers are
How DataStax customers have overcome their challenges with performance
How DataStax Enterprise can help

Speaker Bio: Nick Panahi, Product Management, DataStax
Nick Panahi is a Senior Product Manager at DataStax focusing on Search. Nick’s tenure with DataStax spans 2.5 years as a Product Manager and as a Solution Architect where he helped users design solutions using DataStax Enterprise. He has over 8 years of start-up experience as a developer with multi-threaded, distributed web applications in Groovy/Java.

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