Partner Webinar: Mesosphere and DSE: Production-Proven Infrastructure for Fast Data

Duration: 30 minutes

Data is growing at a rate faster than ever before. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. But how are enterprises taking advantage of this data?

Over the past two to three years, companies have started transitioning from big data, where analytics are processed after-the-fact in batch mode, to fast data, where analysis is done against data streaming in real-time to provide immediate insights.

According to a recent OpsClarity survey, over 92% of companies plan to increase their investment in streaming data in the next year, indicating an increasing shift in the use of data processing to serve customer-facing applications.

Businesses looking to develop new services (from personalization to internet of things) will often need to build their solution using a combination of data services like DataStax Enterprise. Learn how you can use our production-proven platform that runs both containers and DSE with dramatic increases in efficiencies.

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