The Agility Challenge: Powering Cloud Applications with Multi-Model & Mixed Workloads

Duration: 1 hour

Building and managing cloud applications is not easy. Teams come face to face with these challenges: agility, manageability, performance, scalability, continuous availability and of course, security.

Every day, DataStax Enterprise helps customers overcome these exact challenges to achieve the scale, performance, and uptime required by their cloud applications. Examples include:
Handling extreme data velocity that includes 6 billion writes and 5 billion reads daily
Routing more than 1 billion mobile messages every day
Generating 90 billion+ personalized recommendation serves per month
Servicing 1 trillion transactions each day
Delivering 100% uptime even during AWS outages

This is the first in a series of webinars where we will deep dive into each of these challenges and how you can succeed.

View this on-demand session on “The Agility Challenge: Powering Cloud Applications with Multi-Model & Mixed Workloads” where we will discuss:

Managing multiple data models: key value, tabular, document, relational and graph
Managing mixed workloads: transactional, analytical, search
How DataStax Enterprise can help
How DataStax customers have overcome their challenges with agility

Speaker Bio: Jonathan Lacefield, Product Management, DataStax
Jonathan is a Senior Product Manager at DataStax focusing on DataStax Enterprise Graph and multi-model products. Jonathan's tenure with DataStax spans 2.5 years in both technical delivery and leadership roles. Jonathan has over 16 years of experience working with data driven applications with an emphasis on Enterprise Operational and Analytical solutions in various roles including Architect, Project Leadership, Developer, and Administration.

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