DataStax Enterprise 5.0: What’s New and How It’ll Make Your Life Easier

Duration: 1 hour

Curious to hear what’s the big deal with DSE 5.0?
Want to learn how DSE 5.0 will make your life easier?
Stumped on how you can build or manage applications with real-time value at epic scale?
Struggling with performance and availability issues with your current database?

Watch this webinar on-demand today to learn what’s new in DataStax Enterprise 5.0 the largest software release to date at DataStax. DSE 5.0 not only delivers a multi-model database platform with support for data models like Graph and JSON, but also simplifies your life on DSE by allowing you to bring your cloud applications to market in a quick and cost efficient way.

Key DataStax Enterprise 5.0 Features:
DSE Graph: Make sense of complex data with DSE Graph ‒ the only scalable real-time graph database built for cloud applications.
OpsCenter 6.0: Easy-to-use, visual management and monitoring solution that reduces operational and hardware costs, and dramatically increases overall operations productivity.
DataStax Studio 1.0: New web-based visual development tool that helps developers easily write graph database queries and visualize graph data.
DSE Advanced Replication: Run business as usual even in remote locations with intermittent connectivity. Designed with IoT and retail applications within hub-and-spoke and similar topologies in mind.
✓   DSE Tiered Storage: Simplify data management by automatically moving data to the appropriate storage based on age.
✓   DSE Multi-Instance: Reduce cost by easily running multiple copies of DSE on larger machines.
✓   Advanced analytics and search: Increased speed for streaming data with an updated version of Apache Spark™ and faster search operations with Apache Solr™.
✓   Simplified development of cloud applications: Take advantage of the new suite of drivers for all popular development languages (e.g., Java, Python, C#, C++, Ruby, Node.js, PHP).

Speaker Bio: Robin Schumacher, VP of Products, DataStax
Robin Schumacher has spent the last 20 years working with enterprise databases and leading product management teams. Robin started and led the product management team at MySQL for three years before they were bought by Sun (the largest open source acquisition in history), and then by Oracle. He also started and led the product management team at Embarcadero Technologies, which was the #1 IPO in 2000. Robin is the author of three database performance books and frequent speaker at industry events. Robin holds BS, MA, and Ph.D. degrees from various universities.

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