Fighting Fraud with Graph Databases

Duration: 1 hour

The ability to combat fraud can make or break a company. Threats are at an all-time high, but thankfully so is the availability of tools to help us combat them. DataStax and Cambridge Intelligence invite you to our interactive webinar during which we shall be sharing and discussing the transformational effect graph technology is having on how organizations understand their data.

Modern fraud detection has significant engineering challenges which range from managing the ingestion and scale, to the analysis of those patterns in real-time. We'll first take a look at how DataStax Enterprise Graph, powered by the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra™, can meet those requirements to help you save the day.

Next, Kaush Kotak Project Manager from Cambridge Intelligence will describe how DSE Graph and KeyLines graph visualization empowers analysts to understand their most complex customer data. Using live demos, he will describe a visual approach to transform graph-based data into valuable intelligence that helps to detect, predict, and prevent fraud.

During this webinar, you’ll specifically hear about:

How companies are fighting fraud using systems with graph technologies at their core.
Tools, workflows, and techniques that drive critical tasks like fraud detection and regulatory compliance.
A live demo of Cambridge Intelligence’s KeyLines technology, showing a visual approach to transforming data from DSE Graph into valuable intelligence that helps to detect, predict and prevent fraud.

There will be the opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the panel during the webinar.

Speaker Bio:
Kaush is a project manager at Cambridge Intelligence, where he helps customers to plan and manage their graph analysis and visualization projects. He has a particular interest in the financial services sector, having worked on KeyLines deployments in some of the world's largest banks, insurers and regulatory authorities.

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