Bringing Game-Changing Insights with Graph Databases

Duration: 1 hour

Congratulations! Your data is up and running in a graph database and you have big plans for this technology. But now the system is overtaxed and not performing properly. Don't worry - the database may not be the culprit. Proper user experience and visualization techniques can greatly improve performance and dynamic data interaction.

It’s easy to get mired in the complexities of graph technology and forget that real users, mere mortals, will need to use this information to inform mission-critical tasks. During this talk, we’ll take a hands-on approach to applying a user-centered strategy and leveraging the latest UI tools to rapidly create great experiences with graph data.

We’ll also take a look at how DataStax Enterprise Graph (DSE Graph), powered by the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra™, coupled with Expero’s deep expertise in graph and analytics, can empower users to heuristically explore and visualize complex graph data in innovative and meaningful ways.

What you'll learn:
Graph Best Practices
  • Visualizing large data sets in a browser
  • Tailoring experiences to the intended audience and data

  • Aligning the visualization paradigms with your DSE Graph problem

  • Examples of how to meaningfully display complex data in user interfaces using DSE Graph
Tools for the Job
  • UI Libraries for different outcomes including flow diagrams, geo maps, sankey, node chart, tree map and more

  • Schneiderman’s mantra – how to survey, scan and inspect your data

  • How to identify your Dominant Dimension for proper visualization paradigms

Road Map
  • 5 actionable steps to move from technical experiment to "wowing" business stakeholders

  • Next steps on the path to production (i.e business consensus, funding and rapid prototyping)

Speaker Bio:

Lynn Pausic, VP User Experience, Expero
Lynn has extensive experience in enterprise software visualizing large data sets on the web for biotech, oil & gas, healthcare and finance.

Gehrig Kunz, Product Marketing Specialist, DataStax
Gehrig has years of experience fostering open-source communities; helping others learn how to build and scale cloud applications.

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