Optimizing Logistics and Supply Chain with Graph Technology

View this on-demand webinar hosted by our partner, Expero, to learn how graph technology helps improve delivery times, minimize transport risk through data analysis, and increase product satisfaction. Get an in-depth look at how predictive analytics can reduce operational bottlenecks and discover areas of concern affecting supply, allowing you to increase customer satisfaction through the visualization of supply and demand impacts.

Don't be in the dark when the next natural disaster happens. Hear from the graph experts from Expero to learn how you can visualize your data with real-time supply chain mapping through the power of graph technology.

What you’ll learn:

Source management and logistics optimization
Materials and inventory, transport, regulation and compliance, and customer optimization
Issue resolution and identification - The value of supply, manufacturing, transport, and end product satisfaction
Visualization of part impacts through timelines and event correlation - Getting a view of the customer journey and increasing customer satisfaction
Dependencies and workarounds - Identifying how and where pinch points and concern areas exist with predictive analytics.
Scoring and use of algorithms - The ability to score and create usable information for executive dashboards from multiple sources. The creation of scorecards and risk calculations for indicating to users what to spend time on and dive deeper into

Scott Heath, Chief Revenue Officer, Expero
Scott is responsible for Expero’s marketing and strategic business development efforts. On an average day, you’ll find him on the phone, at the whiteboard, or just gesticulating wildly in someone’s office. Scott is skilled at distilling the Expero team’s vast knowledge and experience into manageable, accessible and cohesive buckets.

Scott got his start in high tech as an engineer at NASA. He has worked in the deep end of SaaS, enterprise software sales and large expert services consulting. Having held several senior-level positions with custom software products, Scott turned to consulting to broaden the scope of the technologies he evangelizes.

Graham Ganssle, Ph.D., Head of Data Science, Expero
Dr. G loves data. His favorite part of work is daydreaming up innovative solutions to quantifiable problems and planning an implementation strategy. Building intelligent systems is his passion whether it’s automated derivatives trading bots, adaptive image processing algorithms, or autonomous musical composers. Whether deep learning is the optimal solution or not, helping customers succeed through solving their analytics problems is where Graham finds the most satisfaction.

Graham Ganssle’s physics Ph.D. focused on digital signal processing. He also holds a masters degree in applied physics and a professional geoscientist license. Graham worked in the oil and gas vertical for ten years, performing data science and quantitative geophysics for clients around the world. He has numerous publications on a variety of scientific topics and has been awarded for both scientific and business achievements.

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