Apache Cassandra has become accepted as the NoSQL engine for tackling large volumes of operational data.

But even the greatest technology has its limitations—and the one-terabyte-per-machine limitation of open source Cassandra can have negative management and cost implications for companies with extraordinarily large databases.

We’ve undertaken multiple projects to address this limitation—and the improvements we’ve seen in storage capacity are exciting.

In this webinar, you’re going to see firsthand the results of these projects.

You’ll learn how DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is demonstrating an improvement of 2-4 times the amount of compressed data per node, and what this means for your enterprise organization.

This has important implications for enterprise companies now and especially for the future as the sheer amount of data increases:
Productivity improvement while maintaining optimized levels of performance
Cost savings for your on-premises and cloud applications
Future-proofing your applications, so scaling doesn’t mean entirely new architecture

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