IT organizations have a growing need to manage complex data and its relationships—and cobbling together architectures is no longer an option.

Understanding a network of people, places, and events takes technology that’s suited for exploring large data volumes and unlocking the value at the speed of business.

A graph database solves the problem of storing, managing, and querying this data.

In our upcoming webinar, we are sharing the insights we gained from building and shipping large-scale applications built on graph databases.

View this on-demand webinar for an in-depth look at designing and delivering solutions that quickly discover relationships in the data.

Built on architecture with continuous uptime, predictable performance at scale, and simple operational management, graph databases can help enterprise organizations …

Detect financial fraud
Recommend the right products to customers
Help law enforcement identify bad actors
Manage network assets

Some enterprises are even using graph data to tackle the opioid crisis.

We’ll be examining all of this and more in this exciting new webinar hosted by DataStax and Deloitte.

As the volume of data grows, and the need to pull actionable insights from that data becomes more critical for enterprises, IT is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Stop cobbling together solutions for managing data from cloud applications. Take an hour to learn about building distributed graph applications, and see how a graph database can be a simpler and more agile solution for quickly bringing cloud applications to market.

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