A distributed graph database is the most powerful means of discovering and leveraging the relationships in your data.

With the right techniques combined with the right enterprise graph features, you can build modern applications at scale for real-time use-cases including:

Detecting and preventing fraud
Driving Customer 360
Enabling IoT
Providing personalized, real-time recommendations

But how exactly should you manage and model your data for a distributed graph database? And how can you leverage the relationships in that data?

In our on-demand webinar, DataStax graph expert Kelly Mondor will answer those questions.

During this special online event, Kelly will share technical tips and insights from her experience in creating production applications with distributed graph data.

You’ll also learn:

Best practices for data management and modeling for a graph
Tips for testing and deployment
How to avoid common pitfalls when working with graph data in production applications

At the end of this webinar, you’ll hear about new features we’re trialing in our DataStax Graph for Labs release, including blended graph applications that use both Apache Cassandra™ and Apache Tinkerpop™ queries.

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