When Danske Bank launched its flagship mobile payments app in 2013, customer demand was so high that the bank’s existing mainframe and database systems couldn’t keep up.

Six years later, MobilePay has 4M registered users in Denmark—approximately 82% of the country’s population—and their user base is still growing.

So how did a bank disrupt itself to create a revolutionary product, and challenge its own “status quo” development culture? View the on-demand webinar to find out!

Come ready to get a first-hand account of how a global enterprise addressed the challenge of a rapidly growing customer base by transforming their IT infrastructure (and their development model along with it) with DataStax Enterprise.

Brian Nielsen of MobilePay will walk you through their journey from a traditional mainframe and database system to a highly distributed, cloud-based computing environment, and the microservices-based approach that allows them to build modern apps quickly and efficiently.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

Why MobilePay decided they had to rethink their data management strategy (and their development approach) to meet growing business demands.
How they transformed their application architecture without service interruptions—and still maintained a 9-out-of-10 customer satisfaction score.
How this shift to microservices and NoSQL technologies has helped them attract top talent and positioned MobilePay as an innovative place to work.

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