Modern business applications require a breadth of functionality — including an integrated and adaptable data layer that can process fast-moving data at scale.

But understanding the relationships between your connected data is really the foundation for solving complex problems in the enterprise.

Jonathan Lacefield, DataStax Sr. Director Product Management, will discuss how to get higher value and continuous intelligence from your data with a relationship-first approach using DataStax Graph.

DataStax Graph is a distributed graph database that is optimized for fast data storage and traversals, zero downtime, and analysis of complex, siloed, and related data sets.

This powerful technology is enabling developers to understand the relationships between data and build powerful solutions for today’s biggest challenges, including:

   • Fraud detection and prevention
   • Customer 360
   • IoT
   • Personalized recommendations

Watch now to learn more about DataStax Graph and how enterprise organizations are using it to build powerful modern applications for real-time use cases.

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