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Banks today face a variety of industry and competitive pressures: disruption by upstart fintech companies, payment infrastructure evolution like instant payments, and looming compliance requirements like PSD2, open banking or GDPR. All this while still meeting ever increasing customer expectations.

The key to meeting all these demands is data - in fact real-time, highly contextual data. Load from electronic banking puts strain on core systems. We capture data changes in mainframe-based core banking system and replicate them to DSE in real time using automatically generated C++ code. Electronic channels are redirected to DSE using existing legacy APIs. The presentation will discuss solution design, innovative approach to automatic code generation and lessons learned from the platform implementation.

That’s exactly what's discussed in this exciting webinar!

Maciej Stępień, CEO at Braintri, and Nicolas Soum, Business Value Consultant at DataStax are joining together for a dynamic discussion on trends in data-driven innovation for banks. They’ll tackle the increasingly important topic of business agility to anticipate new business models with a frictionless experience to drive customer satisfaction.

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How historical technology investments are stifling innovation in Banks
Why Banks need to innovate now, in response to market / cost / regulatory pressures
How an Operational Data Layer is critical to unlock the power of your data
How this transformation is necessary for the bank of tomorrow to remain relevant
How careful planning and collaboration can set Banks up for success

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Maciej Stępień


Nicolas Soum
Business Value Consultant

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