The Architect’s Guide to Customer Experience

Tim Vincent, Solutions Engineer

The Architect’s Guide to CX

Today’s customers are more fickle than ever. One tiny glitch or delay and poof, they’re gone. Keeping hold of them requires incredible speed and flexibility at the data layer in order to produce personalised, in-the-moment customer experiences that anticipate their needs and act before the customer even needs to ask the question.

From scalability to data access to data governance, register for this webinar to have a chance to learn the specific performance and data requirements of a customer experience-ready data management platform.

Speaker Bio: Tim Vincent, Solutions Engineer, Datastax
Tim has a strong database background honed at companies such as Informix, TimesTen (In-Memory database) and Oracle. While at TimesTen he was acquired by Oracle and stayed with the product in a pre-sales and product management capacity. Now a Solutions Engineer at DataStax his focus is to enable customers to adopt the Apache Cassandra database technology to deliver web scale applications that are always on and never go down.

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