[Webinar] How to get real-time value from your IoT data

Tim Vincent - Tim Vincent, EMEA Solutions Engineer Manager, DataStax


An increasing number of IOT devices are producing an ever increasing influx of data, organisations will have to be ready to handle the volume of data they are facing and the other challenges IOT may present for them. 

Storage is only half of the problem – how do you get real time value from your IoT data? Join DataStax’s Solutions Engineer Manager, Tim Vincent, as he explores how to: 

Model data for IoT
Build an always-on IoT architecture
Gather insights from your IoT data via real-time analytics

Speaker Bio: Tim Vincent, EMEA Solutions Engineer Manager, DataStax
Tim has a strong database background honed at companies such as Informix, TimesTen (In-Memory database) and Oracle. While at TimesTen he was acquired by Oracle and stayed with the product in a pre-sales and product management capacity. Now a Solutions Engineer at DataStax his focus is to enable customers to adopt the Apache Cassandra database technology to deliver web scale applications that are always on and never go down.

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